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Cake Insure

Modern Workers’ Comp Insurance for Small Businesses in 5 Minutes or less.


DaVita Kidney Care

Population Health data so at risk patients don’t fall through the cracks.

Copy of Denver PrideFest 2019

Denver PrideFest 2019

Quick & easy sign-up to volunteer at Denver PrideFest 2019.

  Company:  N/A   Background:  The Apex controller is a product created by Neptunes Systems that allows aquarists (people who take care of fish tanks) to monitor and control their tank(s) remotely via an app. Currently, there are a number of usability issues with the application that makes it difficult to accomplish common tasks.   My Role:  Personal UX/UI project to redesign the mobile version of the app, involving user research, persona creation, pain-point identification, prototyping, and user testing.  - March 2017  ____   Primary Persona: Hobbyist   30 yr old male, working in technology who travels for work on occasion.  Motivation: I take care of my own tank at home, and need to be able to check in on how my tank is doing while I'm at work or travelling. I also love to share my tank with my friends and family, so being able to control the lighting when it is off cycle is important to me.   Primary Concerns: Insurance & Security, Ease of Use, Entertainment    Project Focus:    Hobbyist Problem Statements:   Insurance & Security: I love that I can check in on my tank while I'm not at home, especially since I occasionally have to travel for work, but the application is difficult to navigate. It takes me a long time to figure out how to change my controls, and in an emergency, this could cause me to lose my whole tank.  Entertainment:   When I have friends and family over to visit, my fish tank is a natural topic of conversation. Usually, I have my lighting scheduled to turn off automatically at 8 or 9 pm, but when I have visitors we often want to continue to look at the tank after my lights are scheduled to turn off. I don't have an easy way to turn my lights back on outside of my set schedule for more than 15 seconds at a time.

Neptune’s Apex Systems

Updated HIG compliant mobile app for aquarium control and monitoring.